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Legendary Immortals

Justice League of America #13 (2014)

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   Favorite Fictional Females [my endless personal collection]
             Dinah Laurel Lance→ DC COMICS

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Take a step back. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes, you see things you wouldn’t notice if you were up close when all you’re looking at are the details.

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Millions of Twilight fans, they cannot wait to see this, it’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?”


That is the laughingly mad face of a man who can see the end in sight, but is not there yet.

No one hates twilight more than Robert Pattinson. NO ONE.

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What do you fight for?

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Dean is an owl and nobody is going to convince me otherwise


Cas is a cat right?

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“We are completely the puppets of all the actors, okay? They’ll be writing the script for us. Especially the six-year-old, she’s not gonna buy a word you’ve written.”
- Tarsem Singh, on the set of The Fall. 

Tarsem Singh spent 8 years searching for the right actress to play Alexandria before he began shooting the film. Alexandria’s charming and enigmatic character was, according to Singh, the driving force that could carry the film’s story. The interactions seen between Roy and Alexandria are essentially unrefined and natural, and the chemistry between the actors is very tangible.  The development of their onscreen relationship in the resulting scenes corresponds with the relationship Lee and Catinca built in reality, as the hospital scenes were filmed consecutively.

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"You have our father’s eyes."

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The Hobbit + tilt-shift (Part 4)

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get to know me meme: [1/10] celebrity crushes → chris evans

I decided to be ‘Captain America’ because I realized I wasn’t doing the film because it terrified me. You can’t make decisions based on fear.”

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Some of the cities in Essos

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